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While the responsibility for a sexual assault lies solely with the perpetrator, we all can help stop violence before it happens. With approximately 50% of sexual assaults involving alcohol, this means that staff of alcohol-serving establishments can play a powerful role in creating a safer environment for their patrons and employing bystander intervention tacts to help prevent instances of sexual assault.

There are organizations around the country working to make bars and clubs safer by training nightlife staff on these bystander intervention skills.

Want to bring a training the place you work, or to a bar, club or restaurant in your area? Take a look at the list below, get in touch, and help prevent sexual assault and harassment in your community!


Become leader in your industry and be known for actively reducing the risk of sexual harassment and assault in Philadelphia by becoming a WOAR Certified SAFE BAR.

WOAR certified staff will train you to:

  • Identify harassment and other inappropriate behaviors

  • Recognize and Respond to problematic and abusive behaviors by safely and effectively intervening

  • Promote a culture of respect, safety & support for all


Las Vegas


The Las Vegas Rape Crisis Center’s Stay S.A.F.E. (Sex Assault Free Environments) training is an essential tool for security and food and beverage personnel to understand how to identify and intervene in situations of predatory behavior and if they receive a report of sexual assault on property. The 2-hour training course focuses on the prevalence of sexual violence, common behaviors of sexual predators, how predators target and manipulate potential victims, intervention methods and techniques, and available resources for victims in the Las Vegas Valley.

While security and alcohol-serving staff go through the full Stay S.A.F.E. training, the SAINT training, approximately 30 minutes, is also available to give an overview on predatory behavior and active bystander intervention for professionals within hotel, casino and club properties who interact with guests but are not directly involved in serving alcohol, hosting, or security (i.e. maintenance and housekeeping, front desk, life guards or other non-serving pool staff, concierge, and others as deemed appropriate by management). Both trainings are conducted in collaboration between Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department and the Rape Crisis Center of Las Vegas.



Los Angeles


LAST CALL: Sexual Assault Prevention and Bystander Training for Service Industry Professionals

The Rape Treatment Center (RTC) is committed to providing support and training to service industry professionals on the prevalence and prevention of sexual assault. This training has been developed for service industry owners/operators, managers, security and staff, and addresses the issue of drug­ facilitated sexual assaults and the role establishments can play in the prevention of sexual assaults among patrons and staff.


Washington, D.C.

The Safe Bar Collective, a project of Collective Action for Safe Spaces (CASS), uses training, safety messages, and advocacy for equitable hiring practices to equip bar and restaurant staff with the tools they need to cultivate safer environments.

The Safe Bar Collective training teaches bar staff to recognize and respond to sexual harassment and everyday microaggressions. By using bystander intervention strategies to interrupt harassment, staff can prevent physical and sexual assault.



National Trainings

Some programs offer trainings throughout the US while other programs offer training for community educators and advocates interested in bringing their program to their community. Check out the programs listed below to find something that fits your needs or reach out if you need help finding a program.