We all have a role to play in preventing sexual assault

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What role do you play?


nightlife staff





I didn’t know who she was, I could just tell she was uncomfortable and needed help getting out of a bad situation so I went up to her and pretended I knew her and hadn't seen her in years. She went with it and actually ended up joining our group for the rest of the night—
we even shared a ride home together.

- Emily



From the club door to the car door to the front door, friends look out for each other. #DontStandBy

If you notice your friend has disappeared without explanation, drop what you’re doing and look for them. Make sure they’re okay.


If you see someone who's intoxicated and alone #DontStandBy

There’s safety in numbers—if you see this situation, help the person you’re concerned about find their friends so they can get home together.


When persistence becomes too much #DontStandBy

Trust your gut—if someone is crossing the line or you think someone looks uncomfortable, you can intervene by creating a distraction. Ask a friend to check in with the person you’re concerned about while you distract the aggressor by sparking a conversation.


Nightlife Staff


I noticed this guy kept ordering drinks for this girl but not for himself. She was definitely not in good state and very disinterested but he kept trying to get to her to leave with him. I had a bad feeling about the situation so I cut him off and told her that her friends were looking for her in the bathroom. I had my coworker make sure she was okay and try to help her find her friends while I walked the guy outside.

- Julian, Bartender



If someone is intoxicated and alone #DontStandBy

There’s safety in numbers—when you see this situation, check in with the person you’re concerned about and help find their friends so they can get a ride home together.


If he’s nursing his drink and she’s drunk #DontStandBy

Just because they’re on a date, doesn’t mean someone isn’t crossing the line. If you notice someone trying to get another person intoxicated while they remain sober, this could lead to sexual assault. When you can, try to get the person you’re concerned about alone to ask them if they’re okay or if they’d like you to stay with them.


If she’s falling over and he’s dragging her out #DontStandby

Perpetrators often use alcohol to incapacitate someone before trying to take them somewhere private. If you think you may be seeing this behavior, intervene by asking the person you’re concerned about where they’re going and who they came with. Stay with them if need be and enlist a coworker to find their friends and make sure they go home together.


If someone needs immediate help, #DontStandby

If someone appears too intoxicated, or is either not awake or fully awake, try to ask them if they have a friend they can share a ride home with. If they become unresponsive, contact 911 or your local authorities.




I take pride in helping others, pride in getting people home safe, and knowing I am making a difference in my community.

Ben, Uber Driver-Partner Since May 2015



If someone is too drunk to make it home #DontStandBy

If your passenger appears too intoxicated to get home safely, ask them if they have a friend they can ride home with. If they become unresponsive, do not try to physically awake them by touching them in any way. Contact 911 or your local authorities. Once you end the trip, contact Uber support.


If your passenger’s company is suspicious #DontStandBy

If you think your passenger may be in distress with a person they are riding with, be careful how you choose to intervene as it could risk your own safety. Try creating  a distraction by sparking up a random conversation or asking if the person in distress needs assistance contacting a friend. Once you end the trip, if you feel the passenger may be in danger, don’t hesitate to call 911 or local authorities when in a safe place.


If your passenger makes you uncomfortable #DontStandBy

Uber does not allow sexual conduct of any kind on the platform. That’s no sexual conduct with riders and drivers, no matter what. If a rider touches you inappropriately or in any manner that compromises your safety, find a safe place to pull over and contact 911 or local authorities. Report any incidents of inappropriate touching to Uber support.